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Last updated on 18 February 1998.

Pictures and places

Here's a picture of us, in a nice place we visited recently:


And some other places we like a lot:
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Location 3 Location 4
Location 5 Location 6
Location 7

Location 8

Where are these places? Do you know?? (Do you care???) Would you care to guess???? Send me your ideas. No prizes, but I'll let you know the real answers if you like.

Bognor Regis

This is where we live - a town on the South Coast of England, known (and joked about) as a seaside holiday resort, and home of the International Birdman Competition, in which a succession of insane people jump off the pier into the sea, in a variety of un-airworthy creations, in the vain hope of travelling 100 metres. (Other not quite so insane people use hang-gliders, and occasionally do indeed travel the distance, or nearly so, in the hope of winning BIG prize money).

For more on Bognor, take a look at the official view or the less controlled Knowhere Guide.

You can also check out our local newspaper.

Here's part of Bognor seafront (Thanks for the picture, Steve):

Bognor beach

Nice, don't you think? (If you'd like to see it bigger, click here! (95kb file size)

Some other interests