Total eclipse, 11 August 1999

Last updated on 23 August 1999.

There was a total eclipse of the sun, visible in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and India, on 11 August 1999. (Well, if you were interested, I dare say you already knew that.)

Well, we were there (Sheila and I, among others who shall remain nameless but for the sake of argument we'll call Clare and Steve), in a nice viewing position on the coast near Porthleven in Cornwall. And we were all ready. (See photos below ...) As you surely know, the day was rather cloudy in Cornwall, so we didn't get a clear view at totality, but a few glimpses on the way in, and it got really really very dark (apart from many camera flashes!). I think that was enough to make it worthwhile. Over the sea to the south, we could see a line of bright sky outside the totality zone. Weird! Quite an occasion - we wouldn't have missed it!

If you want to know about future solar eclipses, a good place to look is, with a nice map at

NASA's Eclipse Home Page is another fine site.

Meanwhile, back to August 1999 ... Here are a few photos of the preparation and the event ...
teddy and sooty fitful sunlight totality!

(What more can I say?)